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Today’s highlights on The Wire include the record-breaking women’s basketball game between Iowa and LSU on ESPN2, which drew 12.3 million viewers. Silver Lake and Endeavor have announced a $13 billion deal to acquire an agency, while Arctos has collected $4.1 billion for its second sports investment fund.

Other news includes Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City reporting significant losses for the 2022/23 Premier League season, Missouri voters rejecting a sales tax proposal to fund a new KC Royals stadium and upgrades to Arrowhead Stadium, and McLaren making changes to its F1 technical department.

In addition, there are updates on Brighton CEO Paul Barber signing a new deal until 2030 following the club’s record profits, the ECB exploring private investment in The Hundred teams, and The Masters partnering with IBM to use Gen AI for audio and real-weather data analysis. Other stories cover Manchester City vs Arsenal setting a new US viewership record for a Premier League match, talks between the BCCI, ECB and Cricket Australia on reviving the Champions League Twenty20, and more.

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In summary: Stay updated with our comprehensive source of SportsPro+ members by checking out The Wire for all the latest breaking stories and news from world of sports business including; Iowa vs LSU breaking women’s basketball record with 12.3 million viewers on ESPN2 , Silver Lake & Endeavor announcing $13 billion deal to acquire agency , Arctos collecting $4.1 billion dollars for its second sports investment fund , Tottenham Hotspur & Leicester City reporting significant losses for 2022/

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