After a series of intense negotiations, a deal is close to being reached between Israel, the United States and Hamas to secure the release of dozens of women and children held hostage in Gaza. The agreement would include a five-day pause in fighting, which could provide much-needed relief for the people on both sides.

However, recent reports indicate that Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues, with at least 15 Palestinians killed in recent hours. This escalation has led to increased tensions and has put additional pressure on both sides to come to an agreement.

Meanwhile, the IDF is escalating its activities in Gaza, with attacks on civilian areas and schools that serve as shelters for displaced persons. These actions have raised concerns about human rights violations and have contributed to the ongoing conflict.

Despite these developments, efforts are still underway to reach an agreement on the release of hostages held by Hamas. However, progress remains slow as Hamas continues to hold 239 prisoners and negotiations have not yet yielded results.

The establishment of a ceasefire is expected to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza and provide much-needed relief for those affected by the conflict. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the idea of a full ceasefire and faced increasing pressure from the international community.

In response to the ongoing conflict, US President Joe Biden has called on the Palestinian National Authority to govern Gaza and the West Bank at the end of the war. He has also ordered the preparation of sanctions and visa bans against extremist Israeli settlers in the West Bank. These measures are seen as an attempt to bring peace and stability back into this troubled region.

As negotiations continue and tensions remain high, it remains uncertain what will happen next in this complex conflict. However, one thing is clear – any resolution will require cooperation from all parties involved if lasting peace is ever going to be achieved.

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