On Tuesday, the Brewers unveiled their new parking technology that utilizes license plate recognition at the home opener. However, some fans encountered issues while trying to activate their parking tickets. The team explained that the server holding the passes was down, causing fans to be scanned as they had been in previous games. Brewers President of Business Rick Schlesinger addressed the problems during the game, assuring fans that no one would be cited for parking and promising to find a solution. If necessary, they would revert to the system used in the previous year.

Schlesinger apologized to fans for the inconvenience caused by the technological failure. The president of Interstate Parking, which provides parking services for the Brewers, issued a statement stating that connectivity issues were due to technology configuration problems on their end and were unrelated to the Brewers or MLB Ballpark app. They were working quickly to fix the issue but in the meantime would revert back to traditional parking methods for the next game. This involved cashiers scanning prepaid passes and accepting payment for match day parking on arrival. The seller emphasized that despite these issues, there was no shared parking lot during games.

The Brewers’ new parking technology is designed to improve security and convenience for fans by allowing them to pay for parking directly through their mobile devices using MLB Ballpark app. However, technical difficulties can arise with any new technology implementation and can cause inconvenience for users.

Overall, it is important for organizations implementing new technologies to have backup plans in place and be prepared for potential technical issues that may arise during implementation. It is also essential to communicate effectively with customers about any issues and work towards finding solutions as quickly as possible.

In conclusion, while technical difficulties can be frustrating for both organizations and customers alike, it is important not to lose sight of our goals of improving security and convenience through innovative solutions like this one from Interstate Parking.

By Samantha Johnson

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