Bwembia’s Market, a new black-owned business in Quincy Square, is set to showcase the art of talented Zambian artists. The grand opening is on April 11 at 10 am and features a sneak peek video.

Kenna Bwembia and her husband Charles are passionate about art and have always appreciated its beauty. They are excited to launch Bwembia’s Market, featuring items imported from Zambia such as jewelry and kitchenware, with their main focus on showcasing Zambian art created by local artists.

The couple hopes to give neighbors a hands-on experience of African culture by allowing them to see and feel the beauty of Zambia in their own community. By showcasing authentic Zambian crafts, they aim to bridge the gap between different cultures and create a sense of connection.

According to the Surface report, Africa’s cultural heritage is often preserved outside the continent. Bwembia’s Market will serve as a platform to share and preserve this rich cultural heritage while supporting local artists and businesses.

The grand opening of Bwembia Market promises to be a cultural celebration that brings the community together and highlights the beauty and diversity of Zambia. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

By Samantha Johnson

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