PSIONIC, a company based in central Illinois, is on a mission to revolutionize the field of prosthetics by making advanced technology more accessible to those who need it. Founded by Dr. Aadeel Akhtar, the company’s CEO and founder, PSIONIC is developing a bionic hand that not only offers cutting-edge features but also comes at a more affordable price point than other prosthetics on the market.

As an experienced entrepreneur and engineer, Dr. Akhtar has been inspired by his own personal journey with prosthetics and aims to provide others with the same life-changing benefits he has experienced. He shares his motivation for starting PSIONIC and how their technology works in a recent interview.

The use of PSYCHONIC’s bionic arm has greatly improved Garrett Anderson’s quality of life as well. As a retired Army Sergeant and one of the first individuals to benefit from the technology, Anderson provides first-hand insight into its effectiveness. Regaining the sense of touch in his prosthetic limb has made everyday activities like cooking and holding objects much easier for him.

Overall, PSIONIC is making significant strides in the field of prosthetics by offering an innovative solution that is both advanced and affordable. The company’s commitment to providing life-changing benefits to those who need them most sets them apart from other manufacturers in the industry.

By Samantha Johnson

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