Invisibility Shield Co., a British startup, has made history by creating a unique technology that creates the illusion of invisibility. Their latest product, a 6-foot-tall “Megashield,” retails for $828 and can make multiple people appear invisible. The shields use ultra-large, precisely engineered lens arrays to redirect light reflected from the person behind the shield away from the viewer.

The Megashield’s innovative design bends light around the object, creating an impressive illusion of invisibility. While the technology isn’t perfect and creates a slight blur, it offers some practical features. The shields are waterproof, do not require a power source, and are environmentally friendly as they are made from recyclable materials.

Tristan Thompson, founder of Invisibility Shield Co., expressed his excitement about their latest product. He said that while these shields are practical, they also offer fun for users to play with. In 2022, the startup launched their product on Kickstarter and exceeded their fundraising goal with various sizes and prices available.

With advances in technology over just two years ago such possibilities seemed impossible. Now, thanks to Invisibility Shield Co.’s innovative design and clever lens design, users can easily pack down their Megashield to just 2.3 inches in thickness and take it anywhere they want to create an invisibility effect at any time they choose.

By Samantha Johnson

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