The Italian government is currently considering a regulation to address the issue of seaside resorts, following a reasoned opinion sent by Brussels in the infringement procedure. This opinion has angered many, including the majority and executive, who feel that it dismantled beach mapping work done by technical desks.

League leader Salvini says that they are ready to give answers immediately and have been working for months to give a framework to territorial administrations and economic entities. According to Salvini, this is not about a scarce resource, but rather about ensuring continuity of concessions for existing coastal companies. These companies represent a basic resource for the economy.

Azuri Bergamini and Gaspari argue that resources available for those wanting to do business in this area are more than abundant. They say that focus should be on guaranteeing continuity of concessions for existing companies.

Fidanza, head of Fratelli d’Italia delegation in European Parliament, notes that they take positive note of readiness expressed by EU Commission spokesperson to keep dialogue with Italian government open. He also notes that this step is not an obstacle for expected dialogue with EU on issue because it is only logical continuation of already established procedure for offenses and could be helpful once content is known. MP Fdi Zucconi also notes that there are several open fronts with Europe starting with ESM ratification vote in council scheduled for November 22 but destined to be delayed and procedure related to family allowance for dependent children.

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