Fort Hays State University’s Science and Mathematics Institute (SMEI) offers a range of summer camps for students entering grades four through eight. Each camp lasts four days a week, Monday through Thursday, with sessions lasting three hours in the morning or afternoon.

One of this year’s camps is the Main Street Math Camp for fourth- to sixth-grade students, which will be held from June 3 to 6 in the afternoon. Students will work together on practical activities to design, build, and manage their own high street shop. Another camp, Sense of Place: Designing for Folklore and Fairytale, is available to fifth- through eighth-graders from June 10-13. In this camp, participants will create their own short story through illustration, image scanning, and 3D modeling.

For students in grades five through seven who are interested in engineering, there is Camp North Star running from June 17-20 in the morning. This camp focuses on activities such as CAD design, rocket design, and robotics. For students in grades four through eight who are interested in robotics, there are two camps available: Robot O Rama and Robo Challenge. In these camps, participants can learn how to build and program LEGO robots or custom-built robots for real-world situations.

The registration fee for each camp is $70 with registration due on May 3rd. Registration is on a first-come basis with a maximum of two camps per student. Interested participants can contact Cari Rohleder at 785.628.4743 or by email at [email protected] Information about the summer camps can be found at https://vvv

By Samantha Johnson

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