Matt Hickey, a pizza tossing champion from Caliente Pizza in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, has been showcasing his skills at the International Pizza Show in Las Vegas for years. At this year’s World Pizza Games, Hickey took home silver for acrobatic free dough throw and gold for longest dough stretch, proving his status as one of the best pizza throwers in the world.

Caliente Pizza is known for its delicious pies, but it’s also famous for its world champion pizza tossers. Hickey has always had a talent for pizza tossing, with a unique ability to stretch the dough evenly and without any spots. He unveiled the World Pizza Games at the International Pizza Show, where pizza professionals from around the world come to compete. The games include various competitions for different pizza activities such as acrobatic dough free throw, biggest dough stretch and pizza triathlon.

Hickey has been competing in these games for years and has won numerous awards, including three titles and three world championships. Even after winning multiple awards, Hickey shows no signs of slowing down and continues to impress with his pizza-throwing talent. If you visit Caliente Pizza, you may have the opportunity to try pizza thrown by one of the best of the best. You can find out more about Hickey’s impressive results at Caliente Pizza on their website.

The World Pizza Games are just one example of how passionate people are about pizza. From throwing pies to creating new recipes, there is always something new to discover in this beloved food culture. Whether you’re an avid fan or just looking for a good slice of pizza on your next meal out, be sure to check out Caliente Pizza and see what they have in store!

By Samantha Johnson

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