Currently we have the chance to speak to Sophie Peele about her cover story titled “Rise from the Chaos”. This post appears at the behind-the-scenes preparations at City Hall as they prepare for a significant government overhaul. Final fall, Portlanders voted overwhelmingly in favor of this adjust, recognizing the necessity of such action. Even so, the magnitude of this transformation is unprecedented, and we are getting into uncharted territory. Consequently, it is critical to prepare for what lies ahead.

The winds of adjust are blowing challenging, not just for Portland’s city government, but for The Dive itself. As you could have heard, I have been functioning on a book known as ‘Completely Different’, which will be accessible in shops on the 17th October and will have a large launch in Powells on the 8th November. While I am identified as a podcaster, I want to make it clear that this is not my major occupation. In truth, my accurate calling is to be a writer.

So let’s begin the countdown to my transition with today’s guest, Sophie Peel. It will offer insight into the possible chaos we can anticipate in the course of the upcoming election season.

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