In New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and other locations across America and Europe, carnival celebrations are in full swing. Each city boasts its own unique customs, but there are undeniable similarities in the festivities.

Dancers with feathered headdresses can be seen strutting and twirling in parades featuring elaborate floats adorned with giant figures of Greek gods or pop stars. The streets are alive with revelers dressed in costumes of all shapes and sizes, from whimsical to satirical themes. In El Salvador and outside the nightclubs on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, crowds gather to enjoy music and beats from music trucks.

As the weekend wore on, more fantastical costumes emerged on the scene. In Madre de Deus, Brazil, a group of revelers donned costumes made entirely from beer cans during Sunday’s parade. In New Orleans, a reveler strolled down Bourbon Street wearing an intricately beaded hat adorned with golden butterflies.

Politicians and world figures were not immune to ridicule during the carnival celebrations either. In Cologne, Germany, a float depicted Vladimir Putin eating Ukraine with the words “Drowning” written alongside it. In New Orleans, Donald Trump’s image was mocked on several floats alongside that of President Joe Biden and his son Hunter as well as the local mayor.

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