Lively celebrations are taking place in cities such as New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro and other locations worldwide. Each city boasts its own unique traditions, but joy and merriment are common threads that unite them all. Parades, music, and dancing in the streets are among the festivities that mark these occasions.

In every parade, dancers wear elaborate costumes adorned with feathered headdresses, while floats showcase giant figures. The themes of these floats range from whimsical to satirical, with some making fun of politicians and world figures. In El Salvador’s music trucks and outside New Orleans’ nightclubs, the crowds are shoulder to shoulder, enjoying the music and rhythms of the carnival. Festive costumes abound, with some revelers even creating outfits out of beer and soda cans.

Carnival parades have become a popular platform for political commentary across the globe. In Cologne, Germany, floats featuring a giant Vladimir Putin eating Ukraine have been mocked during parades. Meanwhile, caricatures of Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and other local figures have been featured in New Orleans’ parades. These satirical displays highlight the spirit of humor that permeates carnival celebrations. As the festivities reach their peak before Lent begins, joy continues to spread throughout the world’s cities.

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