Hunting at NFL rosters in shells and shorts can make a prediction machine.

According to Will Brinson of CBS Sports, the Houston Texans are 1 of seven teams that will make the jump to qualify for the postseason at the finish of the 2023 campaign.

Taking into consideration all 3 of the Colts, Texans and Titans applied higher picks on quarterbacks — drafting Anthony Richardson , C.J. Stroud and Will Lewis , I virtually wrote “AFC South Sleeper Group” right here, but it felt like as well a great deal of a cop-out I would lobby for 3 teams. The Jags are heavy favorites to win the division, and rightly so: they have the most effective roster and I trust their KB/coaching mixture. And whilst I am not a large fan of Stroud (a sentence that tends to make me laugh every single time I create it, sorry to my superior buddy Dave Stroud), I am a large fan of DeMezzo Ryans, and I believe the Texans are acquiring sleep for their roster improvements this offseason. With Damien Pierce/Devin Singletary and a superior offensive line, this group should really be in a position to run. Bobby Slovik is Extremely intriguing as a 1st year offensive coordinator coming out of Kyle Shanahan’s method. The pass catchers are not flashy, but this is the most effective floor Houston has had in a whilst. Will Anderson Jr. is the pinnacle of the defense, but the Texans also added lots of understated veterans who could also raise the bar for this unit. Folks will yell at me for this, but guess what: DOOOOON’T CAAAAAARE.

It is doable for the Texans to make the playoffs offered the 2020 provision for a third wild card group. In the 3 seasons considering the fact that then, the eight-loss wild card has identified itself in the playoffs: the ’20 Chicago Bears, the ’21 Philadelphia Eagles and the ’22 Miami Dolphins. Final year, they have been even tied for division champs with the Jacksonville Jaguars (nine) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (eight).

If the mediocrity subsides in the AFC and Houston just demands to hold steady with eight losses, the Texans would have a opportunity to make the postseason for the 1st time considering the fact that 2019.

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