Business Insider is currently looking for nominations for its ninth annual list of the world’s most innovative Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). The role of CMOs is constantly evolving, with top marketers adapting to changes in the media landscape and new technologies such as generative artificial intelligence. To be considered, nominees must possess strong financial acumen and excel in communication across all company functions.

Nominees do not necessarily have to hold the title of CMO but should be senior marketing executives at consumer brands with at least six months in the role. Factors such as their impact on company performance, roles and responsibilities, brand size, and industry impact will be considered. Submissions supported by case studies and quantitative data that demonstrate the executive’s contribution to company growth will be highlighted.

Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing officer at Mastercard, emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating innovative CMOs. To nominate a deserving executive, submit your suggestions via the survey no later than April 30 at 5:00 PM ET. Business Insider will compile the list based on industry information and our reporting. Last year’s list provides inspiration and examples for this year’s nominations.

The role of CMO is constantly changing as top marketers adapt to new technologies and changes in the media landscape. This year’s list seeks to recognize innovative marketing leaders who have demonstrated exceptional financial acumen while excelling in communication across all company functions.

To be eligible for this year’s list, nominees must hold a senior position in marketing at a consumer brand with at least six months experience. Their impact on company performance, roles and responsibilities, brand size, and industry impact will all be taken into account when considering submissions.

To help make your submission stand out from others, it’s important to provide quantitative data that demonstrates how your candidate has contributed to company growth over time. Case studies are also highly valued by our panel of judges.

Last year saw an impressive range of CMOs recognized for their innovation and leadership skills. From Raja Rajamannar at Mastercard to Mary Barra at General Motors Company,

our past lists have provided inspiration for those looking to become part of this exclusive group of marketing leaders.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions as a CMO or senior marketing executive, we encourage you to submit your suggestions via our survey by April 30 at 5:00 PM ET. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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