Following the surprising victory of the opposition in Turkey’s mayoral elections, another triumph is expected in the city parliaments of Istanbul and Ankara. Preliminary figures indicate that the center-left CHP party has replaced the AKP as the strongest force in both representations, as confirmed by a member of the electoral body.

The CHP previously won the mayoral posts in both cities in the 2019 local elections but did not secure a majority in their parliaments. The mayors, Ekrem Imamoglu in Istanbul and Mansur Yavas in Ankara, faced obstacles due to the majority of the Islamic conservative AKP, which blocked their plans and projects. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called them “lame ducks.”

Imamoglu faced challenges getting loans for his projects and delays in construction due to opposition from Istanbul’s parliament. Javas accused Ankara’s parliament of obstructing expansion of its wastewater treatment plant. Both CHP politicians also blamed the central government for politically motivated blockades, citing delays approving metro projects and cutting off funds to municipalities.

The loss of AKP’s control over city parliaments signifies a significant shift in power dynamics in these municipalities, giving CHP more autonomy to implement plans without interference from opposition. The changing landscape could have implications for governance and development of Istanbul and Ankara cities moving forward.

By Samantha Johnson

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