The fate of the Chiefs and Royals hangs in the balance today as Jackson County, Missouri voters will decide on whether to extend the sales tax to fund a renovated football stadium and a new baseball stadium. The polls are tight, and the Chiefs are making it clear that if they can’t make it, they might consider leaving Kansas City.

Some Chiefs fans are nonchalant about the possibility of the team moving, assuming they can find another place in the area. However, history has shown that teams don’t hesitate to uproot and move to a new state if they don’t get what they want, as seen when the Dallas Texans became the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1960s. Cities are often willing to offer what the team’s current hometown cannot, as seen with the Colts moving from Baltimore to Indianapolis and the Browns moving from Cleveland to Baltimore. The Raiders recently moved from Oakland to Las Vegas when they couldn’t get what they wanted in their current city. Stadium politics can be harsh, and if a team’s current city is unwilling to meet their demands, another city will be happy to swoop in. If Kansas City refuses to meet the Chiefs’ demands, they may want to move to a city that does. The first step in this process is to see if voters will be willing to give them what they want.

By Samantha Johnson

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