In the northwest region of China, Maerdang Hydropower Plant commenced operations on April 1st with its first unit. This plant is the tallest hydropower facility in the country and boasts the largest installed capacity in the Yellow River basin. The first unit, with an installed capacity of 550,000 kV, is expected to produce 13.2 million kWh of clean electricity daily, meeting the daily energy requirements of 1.1 million families. When fully operational, this plant will have a total installed capacity of 2.32 million kV and will be capable of generating over 7.3 billion kWh of electricity annually, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 8.16 million tons.

China Energi’s Maerdang Hydropower Plant is not only a significant milestone in sustainable energy production but also an integrated clean energy facility that combines hydropower, solar power, and energy storage technologies.

This project aims to leverage western China’s abundant clean energy resources for the benefit of the eastern region’s electricity-starved population.

In addition to being equipped with a drone system for detecting unidentified drones and ensuring secure transmission networks, an ultra-high-voltage transformer station was recently operationalized as part of this Maerdang hydroelectric power plant in Qinghai last September.

The project can transmit up to approximately 15 billion kWh of clean electricity annually while promoting water resource development and electricity production in the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

This initiative falls under China Energi’s efforts to enhance internet security and protect online privacy while exploring new technologies and methods for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Overall, Maerdang hydropower plant represents a significant step towards achieving sustainable energy production in China.

By Samantha Johnson

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