Croatia recently issued its first national treasury bills, with a total nominal value of EUR 1.13 billion and a maturity date of November 21, 2024. During the first round of registration, which was open to citizens from November 13 to 20, there were a total of 37,229 offers for the registration of treasury bills through Fina’s network of branches. Of these offers, 36,643 were paid in the total nominal amount of EUR 1.01 billion.

The government bills in the first round were registered at a price of EUR 963.95 per bill with a nominal amount of EUR 1,000. This price resulted in citizens paying a total of EUR 969.7 million in annual rates of return equivalent to this price. After registration, citizens could pay cashier’s bills at Fina counters or commercial banks as well as via internet banking.

The second round of government bill registration was held through the Bloomberg auction system with registered users and resulted in 22 bids being received in the total amount of EUR 340.65 million. Finally, ten offers in the amount of EUR 124.15 million were accepted at a reduced price of EUR 964.88 per bill, resulting in an annual rate of return equivalent to this price and corresponding to an annual rate

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