The Texans started the season 0-2, but there is optimism that they will start winning games with rookie quarterback CJ Stroud. Through his first two starts, Stroud has already completed 58 passes, the second-most in NFL history for a quarterback in his first two starts. This goes beyond notable quarterbacks like Justin Herbert and Mike White. Only Bengals quarterback Joe Barrow has more hits with 60.

In addition, Stroud accumulated 626 passing yards through his first two games, which placed him fifth among all players in NFL history for passing yards through the first two games. The only players with more passing yards in the first two games were Cam Newton, Kyler Murray, Justin Herbert and Todd Marinovich. It is worth noting that three of the four players mentioned went on to have successful careers.

Despite these impressive stats from Stroud, the Texans still have a lot of work to do to regain the success they enjoyed with Deshaun Watson. However, Stroud’s performance so far gives hope that he can contribute to moving the team in the right direction.

The real test for Stroud will come after he plays four or five games, as defenses will have enough game footage to analyze his strengths and try to neutralize them. This will be an opportunity for Stroud to overcome the challenges that improved game planning could present and continue to excel on the field.

By Editor