In recent years, the Communist Party has launched a crackdown on corruption in sports, resulting in severe consequences for those involved. Chen Xuyuan, former president of the Chinese Football Association (CFA), was sentenced to life in prison for match-fixing and financial crimes committed during his tenure. Other high-ranking officials were also convicted of bribery, including former National Athletics Association chief Hong Chen (13 years), soccer official Chen Yongliang (14 years) and Dong Zheng, ex-executive director of CFA Company Super League (eight years).

The Chinese football league is heavily supported by real estate companies that have faced financial instability due to over-extension. This has led to concerns about their ability to complete apartments and repay debts. Additionally, payouts to players hoping for success in the Chinese and international markets have declined due to economic problems in China’s second-largest economy.

Despite past achievements, China’s national men’s and women’s teams are struggling on the international stage. Corruption in sports often involves payments to players and referees to influence outcomes in favor of gambling syndicates. There have also been allegations of payments made to secure places in training camps for top teams, including the men’s national team.

China’s economic slowdown and government involvement in sports, culture and private enterprise have hindered progress in sports. However, efforts continue to improve Chinese football both domestically and internationally. Despite these challenges, China remains committed to promoting sports as an important aspect of its cultural identity and development strategy.

By Samantha Johnson

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