A man (26) working for the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia was found guilty of driving under the influence and causing an accident. According to the verdict, the incident occurred in October at around 2:30 a.m. in Zagreb on Ulica kneza Branimir. The man had a concentration of alcohol in his blood of at least 2.11 g/kg, which was found to be 1.94 g/kg and urine 2.15 g/kg by analysis of blood samples, reports Danica . hr.

The man had been consuming alcohol with friends at a café on Kvatrić before heading home, where he lost control of his vehicle and ran into a tree after running off the road at one point. He suffered bodily injuries in the traffic accident but managed to stop his car overturned on the roof and engine cover, partly on a decorative fence, according to the judge’s verdict.

In court, the defendant argued that he was driving less than 60 kilometers per hour and lost control due to slippery road conditions caused by fog. He also claimed that he had no means of transportation to work and worked long hours with frequent field trips, which made it difficult for him to arrange alternative transportation methods or avoid driving altogether. Despite this, he was fined a total of 730 euros and banned from driving for a month by the judge. In addition to paying this amount, he is also required to cover the costs associated with legal procedures but has been released from this obligation as it will be paid through his employer’s office. The man holds a high school diploma and earns a net salary of 1020 euros per month while working for the Office of the President of Croatia’s government agency responsible for maintaining infrastructure across Croatia’s landmasses during peacetime periods when there are no military operations taking place

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