During a press conference following a meeting of the HDZ Presidency, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković discussed the ongoing pre-election campaign. Plenković announced that at the meeting, they had analyzed the campaign and were satisfied with their progress. He noted that Croatia had achieved a level of GDP growth similar to Hungary, which joined the EU nine years ago, and expressed confidence in Croatia’s goal of joining the OECD in two years.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections for voters, urging them to choose between continuing to support the current leadership or taking risks with other candidates. He rejected criticism of the number of women on their lists and addressed accusations related to the Constitution, stating that it was up to regulatory bodies such as the SEC and Constitutional Court to deal with violators. The campaign strategy included a range of activities from meetings to social media engagement.

When asked about his opponents’ interviews and criticisms, Plenković remained firm in his position, claiming that their party had led Croatia to growth and progress in all areas. He dismissed Milanović’s actions and statements as insignificant, expressing confidence in their ability to win over voters through their positive track record. The prime minister expressed indifference to Milanovci’s tactics and pointed out that there would be changes in the political landscape after presidential elections.

In conclusion, Plenković emphasized democratic principles and fair play in politics while stressing that trust in current leadership is crucial for Croatia’s progress. He expressed confidence in Croatian citizens’ ability to make informed choices during elections and reiterated their commitment to transparent and legal campaign practices.

By Samantha Johnson

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