The week ended with a record on Wall Street, as the S&P 500 index surpassed the 5,000-point mark for the first time. During this period, the NASDAQ index strengthened by 1.5%, while the Dow Jones index saw a slight decline. Among Israeli companies traded on Wall Street, Cyberark stood out with its impressive performance.

Cyberark’s shares jumped 15.7% in the last two trading days of the week and added $1.6 billion to its value. The cybersecurity company, founded by acting chairman Udi Mokdi and currently managed by Matt Cohen, is now trading at a record $11.8 billion and ranks fifth among Israeli companies on Wall Street behind Mobileia, Check Point, Nice and Teva. Cyberark reported that it beat analysts’ forecasts on both revenue and profit lines in its fourth quarter report. Revenue rose 31.9% to $223 million compared to analysts’ forecast of $210 million, while net profit for the quarter was $8.9 million (on a non-GAAP basis) or 81 cents per share, exceeding analysts’ expectations of only 47 cents per share. In addition, Cyberark has given positive forecasts for revenue in Q1 ($209-$215 million) and net earnings per share ($24 cents), which are higher than analysts’ projections of $24 cents on revenue and lower than expected profit margins of 81 cents per share (non-GAAP).

Another American company Stixpay also had an impressive performance this week as it jumped 17% after receiving permission from NYSE management to implement a plan to become eligible again to trade on NISE American small-cap listing by May 2025. Stixpay provides technology solutions for communication and information analysis to government and industrial clients and was merged into a SPAC worth $365 million in 2022. Despite this surge in price Stixpay’s share price remains less than a dollar at 43 cents but reflects a valuation of over $35 million for Nir Barkan-managed company

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