The highlight of the week for the KSL Sports Rewind group was Davis Darts’ massive household win. In Week six of the higher college football season, the Darts defeated Weber. KSL Sports Rewind interviewed the players and coaches right after the game, which can be observed in the video at the major of the story.

Dusty Litster and Dane Stewart have covered Utah higher college sports given that 2005. Dane is the lead announcer for the weekly KSL Sports Rewind Game of the Week, though Dusty hosts the KSL Sports Friday Evening Red Zone. Collectively, they run KSL Sports Rewind, offering the most in-depth coverage of higher college sports in Utah. Their coverage contains reside streamed games, weekly recap videos, highlights and performances, rankings and interactive choice videos. They can be followed on Twitter and Instagram, and all their broadcasts can be discovered on

Game Evening Reside, hosted by Jeremiah Jensen, Stevenson Sylvester and Mariluz Cook, broadcasts one particular higher college football game every week from numerous areas in Utah. Jeremiah Jensen is an Emmy Award-winning sportscaster and reporter who has covered Utah sports given that October 2005. Stevenson Sylvester is a former Utah Utah standout, playing college football from 2006-2009. He went on to play in the NFL for 5 seasons, 4 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and one particular with the Buffalo Bills.

The Game Evening Reside Game of the Week will take spot at Brighton Higher College, exactly where the Bengals will host the East Leopards. The game will be streamed on the KSL Sports app, and the KSL+ app. Kickoff is at 7:00 PM MT on Friday, September 22nd.

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