In recent years, Kela has reported a decrease in suspicions of misuse of some social benefits thanks to the implementation of an income register system. Despite this, the number of malpractice suspects remained low between 2018 and 2023, with just under half of all malpractice benefits paid last year. The most common types of suspected abuse were basic support, followed by unemployment insurance and general housing support.

Abuse is defined as intentional attempts to take more than what is rightfully due or unjustified use of benefits. Kela’s decision-making process involves consulting with clients and making decisions on suspected abuse cases.

Unemployment insurance accounted for the largest share of suspected abuse in previous years. However, the income record system has significantly reduced suspicions of abuse related to both unemployment insurance and housing benefits.

It’s important to note that cases of suspected abuse registered by Kela are based on a rigorous process where clients are consulted and decisions are made based on evidence. While there have been decreases in suspicions of misuse, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and continue efforts to prevent abuse.

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