Wisconsin’s deer hunting opener overlaps with the end of Minnesota’s rifle deer hunting season, creating a unique challenge for both hunters and tackle shops. Several tackle shops have provided helpful tips on how to make the most of the hunting season.

Northwest Outlet employee Scott Miller said that layering and wool socks work wonders during a hunting trip. “We have this overlap weekend where there are still guys hunting in Minnesota and they all come out and start in Wisconsin,” he said. “Wisconsin hunters are hit a little harder because they only have a week to get their gear.” However, Miller added, “But you know, hopefully everyone gets out there and is successful and then safe.”

Pat Kukul, co-owner of Superior Shooters Supply, advised young hunters to be patient during Wisconsin’s deer hunting season. “We had a great crowd in Minnesota,” Kukul said. “We have a rush for Wisconsin,” he added. While many people are thankful for the lack of snow, it makes tracking deer a little more difficult during the hunt. Despite this challenge, Kukul noted that customers are well prepared for the season thanks to online registration options.

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