After upon a time, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spent a lot of funds to bring Deion Sanders to Dallas. Would Jones attempt to do that with the hottest coach in all of sports? Jones was not asked that precise query through Sunday’s postgame discussion with reporters. But it really is clear that Jerry believes in Deion.

“Let me inform you some thing,” Jones mentioned of Deion. “He’s a hell of a coach. He’s a hell of a coach.”

Can Jerry see Deion practice in the NFL?

“He influences men and women and of course that is portion of it in the NFL,” Jerry mentioned. “But I never want to go there since you know exactly where it begins to go all more than the location. But [Deion] he can influence and bring about by his stature, his substance, what he is, as nicely as his character, to be in a position to go inside and perform with you on an person basis. I am a solution of that with him.”

Aside from the effect on players, Deion gives. Saturday night’s late start off (and extremely late finish) gave ESPN its fifth-finest college football rating EVER, averaging 9.three million viewers. In an age of widespread cord-cutting, that is astonishing. Also, for the very first time, Colorado fully sold out all of its household games by means of

The effect goes beyond football games. By means of Austin Karp of Sports Organization Journal, the season premiere of 60 Minutes, which profiled Deion, drew the biggest audience for the show considering that January 2021, with 11.eight million viewers.

Yes, it aids that the show had a substantial Jets-Cowboys audience (25.eight million). Nonetheless, quite a few stuck about, possibly for a lot more Deion.

The sports globe can not get sufficient of Deion. And that may possibly be sufficient to get an owner prepared to attempt to place collectively a economic provide that will make Deion, who told Wealthy Eisen final week he does not assume he can motivate wealthy NFL players, prepared to at least attempt.

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