In the course of Monday night’s game, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson was involved in a controversial incident. In the third quarter, Watson was penalized for unnecessary roughness right after grabbing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kwon Alexander’s face mask and holding it even when each players have been off the field on the Steelers side. Right after the play, Watson got into a verbal exchange with the Steelers close to the sideline. Referee Barry Anderson attempted to intervene and direct Watson back onto the field, but Watson rather pushed Anderson to the side and continued to argue with the Steelers. Surprisingly, Watson was not penalized for this push, regardless of the NFL rulebook explicitly stating that players must not hit, push or shove officials and that such an offense warrants an instant disqualification from the game. The officials’ choice not to eject Watson appears like the incorrect get in touch with, and it is doable the league workplace will challenge its personal disciplinary action.

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