Falcons quarterback Desmond Reeder is still relatively new to the NFL, having recently taken over the starting job this season. As the season progresses, the Falcons find out what Reeder brings to the team. Despite the challenges in Sunday’s game, Rider showed resilience. He threw an interception in the first half and struggled to move the team early in the third quarter, allowing the Packers to build a 12-point lead. However, Reeder came back in the last 15 minutes, playing their best football. He ran for a touchdown and had an impressive 6-of-8 passing record, leading the Falcons to three scores and a thrilling 25-24 home win.

Head coach Arthur Smith expressed confidence in Reeder, noting how the team believes in him. Smith noted that Reeder excels in critical situations, which has been consistent throughout his career. The successful return of the Falcons was also supported by the big plays of Bijan Robinson and the forcing of two three-outs by the defense. While it’s clear that Atlanta’s success does not depend solely on Rider, having the right quarterback is a significant factor. With their undefeated 2-0 start to the season, the Falcons got proof that Reeder can be the player they need in Atlanta.

By Editor