The Phoenix Suns are determined to secure a spot in the playoffs, and Devin Booker is leading the charge. In their recent game against the New Orleans Pelicans, Booker scored an astonishing 52 points, breaking his own career high in 3-pointers with eight. He was on fire, scoring 37 points in the first half alone. This marked the third straight game in which Booker had scored at least 50 points against the Pelicans, making him only the second player in NBA history to achieve this feat alongside Wilt Chamberlain.

Booker’s outstanding performance not only helped the Suns win a crucial game but also allowed them to gain ground in the standings. They now sit just one game behind the sixth-place Pelicans with 14 games remaining. The Suns will have another chance to make a move on April 7th when they face the Pelicans once again.

But it wasn’t just about helping the Suns for Booker; his stellar performance also had implications for the Minnesota Timberwolves. All they needed was a loss by the Pelicans to clinch a spot in the top six of the playoffs, and thanks to Booker’s efforts, that’s exactly what happened. The Timberwolves will show their gratitude for Booker when they visit Phoenix to play the Suns on Friday.

By Samantha Johnson

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