Following the deaths of five individuals in Japan who were taking dietary supplements to lower cholesterol, Mako Health contacted the Ministry of Health for clarification on the matter. Last night, the Ministry issued a public warning against using dietary supplements produced by pharmaceutical company Kobayashi in Japan, as they contain red rice yeast as an ingredient.

In response to consumer complaints and reported health issues, Kobayashi’s headquarters in Osaka received thousands of reports from users who experienced symptoms such as changes in urine color, swollen limbs, fatigue and exhaustion, and kidney problems. In addition to the recalled supplements, other products containing red rice yeast extract have also been pulled from stores.

Israel’s Ministry of Health has announced that red rice yeast extract is not approved for use in dietary supplements in Israel. Importers must obtain approval from the National Food Service before selling their products in the country. There have been no reports of adverse effects from consumers who purchased supplements from foreign websites in Israel.

The incident highlights the importance of exercising caution when choosing and consuming dietary supplements and following regulations and guidelines to ensure product safety and compliance. It is crucial for consumers to be informed about potential risks associated with certain ingredients and to consult with healthcare professionals before starting any new supplement regimen.

By Samantha Johnson

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