Judge Ariela Gilzer-Katz of the Tel Aviv Labor Court found that the plaintiff’s existing heart problems and his decision not to seek medical attention during his trips to the US, Germany and Israel constituted an unusual event. The court ordered a medical expert to investigate a causal link between the heart attack and the flight. The expert confirmed the connection and recognized the heart attack as an accident at work.

The medical board initially rejected the plaintiff’s claim, attributing his medical condition to a previous illness and stating that the surgical scar was not related to the work accident. After the appeal was filed, the medical appeals commission accepted the claims, awarding the plaintiff a disability allowance of 32% without deduction for the previous illness. He was entitled to retroactive payment and future monthly compensation.

Despite initial objections from the National Insurance Institute, who emphasized the purpose of disability benefits for work and expressed respect for the court’s verdict, ultimately recognized a causal connection between the flight and heart attack and provided support and assistance to claimant in conclusion.

By Samantha Johnson

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