Local Dive Retail is a unique retail store located on Cherokee Boulevard in Chattanooga. The store offers a diverse range of items, including mid-century furniture, retro homeware, clothing, footwear, and handmade items. Andy Bost and Jack Tatum are the owners of the store who rent out vendor booths to individuals who come in and set up their products for sale.

Customers can customize their purchases by framing them or adding lighting to enhance their decor. All the items sold at Local Dive Retail are unique, affordable, and do not collect dust. The store also features independent retailers who sell clothing and restock with new items every few months to keep customers interested.

Local Dive Retail is part of the Northshore Vintage Market, which features 25 vendors selling everything from food trucks to bands. The warehouse DJ provides a lively atmosphere for shoppers on weekends when they gather for sales events. The store is open from Monday through Sunday during specific hours of operation.

Local Dive Retail has been successful since its opening due to its unique selection of products and its ability to provide passive income through resale sales. Andy Bost and Jack Tatum take great joy in seeing their customers delighted with the products they purchase at the store.

Overall, Local Dive Retail is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for unique vintage items in Chattanooga’s bustling market scene. With its convenient location and diverse range of products, this retail store is sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who enter its doors.

By Samantha Johnson

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