For years, has been publishing annual print magazines that highlight the local tech industry news, startup community updates and organizational news. These magazines have reflected the importance of the tech industry as more than just an industry, but a community. However, due to changes brought about by the pandemic, is now releasing their inaugural Philadelphia Tech Economy Report. This report will be released for each of the markets they serve and was made possible with the support of various organizations such as the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Morgan Lewis, Penn Center for Innovation and Silicon Valley Bank.

The report can be downloaded for free by providing your name, email and job title. Inside will be data and analysis on Philadelphia’s tech economy nationally as well as examples of their journalism such as the Successful series and profiles of individuals who best describe the region through their RealLISTS. This report is expected to become a cornerstone for the region and the work of every year.

It is important to note that terms used in the report such as technology, startups and innovation are used semi-interchangeably with terms such as community, ecosystem and economy. However, each phrase has a subtly different meaning. The report is deliberately targeted at Philadelphia’s technology economy focusing on its economic impact on research businesses and workforce in new inventions like software.

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