McGill undergraduate students recently participated in the 37th edition of Soup & Science, a week-long event that combines knowledge and soup. This semester’s topics spanned a wide range of disciplines, from quantum metaphotonics to optogenetic stimulation in roundworms, providing students with an intimate setting to explore various subjects.

The event took place in the SSMU building and featured presentations by three to four faculty lecturers and one or two students. Each presenter discussed their project in a short four to five minute segment, giving students insight into the research opportunities available at McGill, including undergraduate research awards. This popular series offers students a taste of the current research being carried out at the University and provides a platform for engagement and learning.

Overall, Soup & Science is a valuable resource for undergraduate students seeking to advance their academic and research pursuits. With its diverse range of topics and opportunities to interact with faculty and fellow students, this event serves as an excellent way for students to gain knowledge about the latest research taking place at McGill.

By Samantha Johnson

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