To celebrate World Children’s Day, we are excited to introduce Deryn, a young girl who recently toured CBS New York. Our partnership with UNICEF USA and Nickelodeon Our World made this experience possible for her.

Through this collaboration, Deryn was able to explore the studio, control room and newsroom, participate in a time segment with John Elliott and interview Cindy Hsu. Nickelodeon, part of our parent company Paramount Global, works with UNICEF USA to empower children around the world. This International Children’s Day, UNICEF USA worked with the youth of New York’s Junior Ambassadors program to respect the rights of children everywhere.

Deryn’s full experience and testimonials can be seen in the video player above. As part of our initiative to support and recognize children’s rights, our team at CBS New York is committed to bringing you quality news with a group of experienced journalists who aim to provide informative and interesting news to our audience.

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