To access a downloadable pdf of this short article, you can check out The data and information presented in the graphic had been collected and sourced from several references. 1 of the references utilised is an short article written by Mishkat Bhattacharia, titled “How do superconductors operate? Physicist explains what it signifies to have resistance-no cost electrical energy,” published in The Conversation on March 24, 2023. Yet another reference utilised is an short article by Jamie Durrani titled “Area-temperature superconductivity is now inside touching distance—but it will not modify the planet however,” published on Chemistry Globe September 28, 2020

In addition, the operate of Zengii Du, Hui Li, Sang Hyun Joo, Elizabeth P. Donovay, Jinho Lee, JC Seamus Davis, Genda Gu, Peter D. Johnson and Kazuhiro Fujita, titled “Imaging the Power Gap Modulations of the Cuprate Pair-Density-Wave State,” which was published in Nature, was also referenced to generate the graphic. The DOI for this paper is ten.1038/s41586-020-2143-k.

Ethan Siegel’s short article, “How close are we to the holy grail of area-temperature superconductors?” published on Forbes on July 7, 2021, was a further reference utilised to generate the graphic.

A collaboration in between C&EN and Andy Bruning, author of the well-liked graphics weblog Compound Interest, resulted in the creation of this graphic. If you would like to discover much more of Andy Bruning’s operate, you can check out To view all of C&EN’s periodical graphics, you can check out

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