Los Angeles Dodgers two-way star Shohei Ohtani will address the media Monday for the first time since allegations were made against his longtime translator Ipei Mizuhara. Major League Baseball launched an investigation into claims that Mizuhara illegally bet on sports other than baseball, which led to his dismissal by the Dodgers. The game between the Dodgers and Angels is scheduled for 9:10 pm ET, with first pitch at Angel Stadium.

Major League Baseball’s policy allows personnel to gamble on sports other than baseball as long as it is legal in that jurisdiction. However, since gambling is still illegal in California, where the Dodgers are based, Mizuhara’s situation came to light. He is accused of placing bets with an accused bookie who is at the center of a federal investigation. The bookie denied ever speaking to or meeting Ohtani, and Mizuhara’s story about Ohtani’s involvement changed multiple times.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts thinks it would be beneficial for Ohtani to speak out about the situation, even though he doesn’t believe it was a distraction for the rest of the team. The Dodgers recently played a two-game series in Seoul, South Korea against the San Diego Padres and went 1-1 in those games. They will now play three games against the Los Angeles Angels before returning to their regular season schedule.

Ohtani pitched well during the Seoul series, going 3-for-10 with two strikeouts. As he prepares to speak to the media, Ohtani remains focused on his performance on the field and addressing the allegations surrounding his interpreter.

The investigation into Ipei Mizuhara’s actions will continue as Major League Baseball works to maintain its integrity and ensure that all personnel comply with its policies and regulations.

By Samantha Johnson

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