The ongoing conflict between the government and Stellantis has entered its second phase, with a focus on analyzing the production situation and workforce in individual factories in Italy. Stellantis has confirmed that five models will be produced in Melfi, but social partners are calling on the government to unite the discussion table and move it to Palazzo Chigi to clarify the future of the automotive sector.

Economy Minister Adolfo Urso emphasized that several car manufacturers have expressed interest in investing in Italy, with a goal of producing one million cars a year. However, he stressed that it is now Stellantis’ turn to show its commitment to the future of the sector. The recent Mimit round table focused on the activities of various working groups, and the second phase is now analyzing each factory individually.

Unions have different views on how to proceed, with some advocating for a national negotiating table at Palazzo Chigi. They emphasize the importance of hybrid models in addition to electric vehicles and advocate for protecting connected workers who may lose their jobs. The talks continue on Wednesday at Mirafiori site and Thursday at Atessa plant as they aim to find a solution that ensures growth and stability of the automotive industry in Italy.

By Samantha Johnson

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