It was a wild ride for Richard Plaud – but now he’s officially in the Guinness Book of Records. The organization’s Mark McKinley told the BBC that they were too strict on the nature of the games in this attempt, and Richard’s attempt is officially great. Richard spent eight years building his Eiffel Tower and made two mistakes in a perfect replica of the Parisian landmark at 7.19 meters. He used 706,900 matches for his passion project.

First, Richard bought the matches in supermarkets and then simplified their purchase by convincing matchmaker Flam’Up to supply him with boxes of 190,000 headless matches. Secondly, he cut off the heads of flammable matches that are usually red and should be scraped off according to regulations. Now, after a week of reversal, Richard describes it as an “emotional roller coaster ride”. If not for these mistakes, he would have held the record instead of his predecessor Toufik Daher who built an Eiffel Tower out of matches measuring 6.53 meters since 2009.

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