Finland is set to host a major electric car event in the near future, with the founder of the event, Gunnar Dakeval, having a vision for the country’s role in the electrification of passenger traffic. According to Dakeval, Finland has an opportunity to mass-produce electric cars and help preserve classic brands such as Saab.

Dakeval’s vision for Finland was presented to HS in advance, and he believes that it would be very Scandinavian. In 2011, Saab went bankrupt but a company called Neves emerged on its ruins, focusing on designing electric cars. Last spring, Neves announced that it was going into “hibernation” and leaving Saab’s iconic Trollhattan factory behind. The project Emily was then bought by a Canadian startup who wanted to build the car in Trollhattan, but Dakeval thinks Uusellakaupunki would have better opportunities.

Valmet Automotive is currently operating at full capacity in Uusikaupunki after retiring two small electric car brands. Dakeval believes that the “electric Saab” should be built there and that it is crucial to the electrification of passenger traffic. His fate is intertwined with that of Emily’s prototype which was exhibited at his fair in Gothenburg last December. However, there are currently no concrete plans for production in Finland.

Dakeval encourages Finland to follow Denmark’s lead when it comes to electric cars due to its lack of hills and short distances. He also believes that electric kilometers are cheaper than gas-powered ones and that his event will help promote the spread of electric cars in Finland. Negotiations are still ongoing regarding which cars will be seen at Dakeval’s event in Helsinki and the possibility of an electric Saab is still open, with no official announcement yet regarding the production of Emily GT project.

In summary, Gunnar Dakeval has a vision for Finland as being a major player in mass-producing electric cars and preserving classic brands like Saab. Valmet Automotive has already retired two small electric car brands but Dakeval believes that building an “electric Saab” would be crucial for this country’s electrification efforts. While there are no concrete plans yet for production in Finland, negotiations are ongoing regarding which cars will be showcased at his upcoming event in Helsinki and whether Emily GT project will move on to a new owner or not

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