In today’s fast-changing world, the traditional approach to education and career is no longer sufficient. The need for lifelong learning and continuous skill acquisition is increasingly evident as industries evolve. José Manuel Mas, vice-chancellor for academic policy and teaching staff at ESIC, emphasizes this importance, stressing that education has a shelf life in an era of technological revolution and job reconversion.

Microlearning and microcredits are becoming increasingly popular options for individuals balancing work and training commitments. These small training modules offer specific skills and knowledge that can be easily integrated into one’s professional development. By aligning training programs with industry needs, universities can ensure that their graduates are well prepared for the workforce.

Collaboration between universities and businesses is essential to the success of microcredit. Integrating work-based learning through dual degree and master’s programs further strengthens this link, providing individuals with practical experience while also preparing them for a career in their chosen field.

The government’s investment in training programs demonstrates a commitment to promoting lifelong learning and professional development. Accreditation of professional skills and basic skills will provide individuals with pathways to access vocational training programs and opportunities for further education.

Overall, the move towards micro-learning and skills accreditation reflects a growing recognition of the need for continuous learning throughout a career. By fostering collaboration between universities, businesses, and government agencies, the education sector can provide individuals with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing job market.

By Samantha Johnson

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