A new strategy guide has been developed by 10 coalitions in different areas of the state, as part of an initiative by the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Behavioral Health Promotion Initiative. The guide highlights effective strategies for improving mental health support that can be adapted to suit different communities.

Connections for Mental Wellness in Green Bay is one such coalition that has focused on improving access to mental health for Brown County students in schools. They provided mental health “first aid” training and created a website at MiConnectionNEV.org to help navigate mental health services. According to Executive Director Kathleen McKee, each coalition is working on strategies to improve mental health support and track results over time.

The website launched by Connections for Mental Wellness has been visited over 350,000 times since its launch, demonstrating the community’s interest in connecting with mental health resources. Over 750 individuals in Brown County have been trained to identify the signs of a mental health crisis and provide support to those in need. By encouraging conversations about mental health and reducing stigma, coalitions are making progress in improving mental health awareness and support.

McKee hopes that the strategy guide will be widely adopted by other communities across the state, allowing them to empower individuals to seek help and prioritize their mental well-being. It is important to remember that talking about mental health and seeking help are signs of strength, and by working together as a community, we can make a big difference in promoting better mental health outcomes for all residents.

By Samantha Johnson

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