The Ministry of Defense of Estonia recently announced that its navy will be equipped with a new series of Blue Spear “More-more” missiles from the Israeli state defense concern “Aviation Industri”. These fifth-generation missiles, with a range of 200 kilometers, are part of the Gabriel anti-ship missile system and come with two guidance systems and electronic warfare capabilities. This is the third country whose fleet has received these new missiles, after Israel and Finland. Both Israel and Finland control the exit from the Gulf of Finland, where the new missiles will be deployed. Additionally, Singapore’s Navy will also be equipped with these missiles on their Formidable-class frigates.

These advancements in military technology provide Estonia with enhanced protection against potential threats to its naval assets. With this new weaponry in place, Estonia is better positioned to defend its waters and maintain peace and stability in the region. The integration of these advanced missiles into Estonia’s navy represents a significant investment in its national security and defense capabilities.

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