On Monday, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, presented his defense to the G27 foreign ministers on the best security option for Israel. Borrell expressed his belief that the creation of the state of Palestine is the best security guarantee for Israel and that he will present a plan for the future of Gaza. To achieve this political conclusion, Borrell commissioned the EU’s External Affairs Service to draw up an options document for the future of Gaza. He hopes that this document will be on the table of ministers in December and will serve as a basis for restarting the two-state solution.

During a video conference with the 27, Borrell emphasized the importance of diplomacy in achieving humanitarian breaks and avoiding an uncontrolled escalation of the crisis. He pointed out that diplomatic efforts are necessary to resolve the war in Gaza from a humanitarian perspective and to look back on the day after the Israeli offensive. Borrell called on ministers to work on implementing humanitarian pauses approved by UN Security Council resolutions and warned them about possible escalation of crisis to other parts of region.

Borrell also highlighted Yemeni rebels hijacking ship case as an example, emphasizing that diplomacy and contacts remain as best way to avoid uncontrolled escalation. He urged rapid implementation of UN resolution and stressed diplomatic efforts are crucial to resolve crisis in Gaza.

Overall, Josep Borrell reiterated that diplomatic efforts are essential in finding a political solution to problems facing Gaza and Israel, including creating statehood for Palestine. He called upon ministers to collaborate towards achieving these goals through diplomacy and cooperation.

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