Princess Diana, a beloved member of the British royal family, has not been forgotten even 26 years after her death. Despite their unhappy marriage, Charles and Diana continued to fight until the end. On June 29, 1994, Charles admitted to marital infidelity without mentioning the name of the woman he cheated with. However, Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir in November 1995 was the final blow to their relationship. Filmed in her drawing room at Kensington Palace, Diana revealed intimate details about royal life and her struggles with postpartum depression and bulimia. She also admitted to cheating on Charles herself with army officer James Hewitt. The interview marked the end of her marriage to Charles.

On November 20th, both in 1866 and 1923, significant inventions were patented that have had a lasting impact on society. In 1866, James L. Haven and Charles Hetrick patented the children’s toy we now call the yo-yo. At that time it was called ‘Whirligig’, while the word yo-yo itself comes from the Philippines. Meanwhile, in 1923, Garrett Morgan received a patent for his invention of a three-command traffic sign that was the precursor to modern traffic lights. Although not the first traffic light in existence, Morgan’s invention added an important safety feature – a yellow warning light – which helped regulate traffic more effectively than previous designs had done before him.

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