Hoosiers in Indiana now have more sports betting options beyond the usual favorites like football, basketball and baseball. The Indiana Gaming Commission has announced that sportsbooks in the state can now accept bets on professional badminton, beach volleyball and college wrestling. Specifically, betting is allowed on the BVF (Badminton) World Tour, Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour and NCAA Division I wrestling, according to the IGC’s list of approved sports betting events. This is a first as non-Olympic badminton and wrestling have never been allowed before in Indiana sportsbooks.

Sports betting operators are not required to offer betting on new leagues, but some may choose to provide more betting options on games or individual events, including in-game betting. The new additions bring the total number of event categories approved for sports betting in Indiana to 32, ranging from Aussie Rules Football to World Jai-Alai. Some categories include different sports within them, such as the 25 different Summer Olympic events and trials that are eligible for betting during the Paris games.

In addition to traditional sports like basketball and football, Hoosiers can also place bets on non-traditional events like Nathan’s famous July 4th hot dog eating contest and category winners at the Academy Awards. Adults 21 and older can visit any of Indiana’s 13 state-regulated casinos, including four in Northwest Indiana, to explore a variety of sports betting options and place bets in person or they can use a computer or mobile device from anywhere in the state using one of dozens of mobile sports betting operators affiliated with an Indiana casino like DraftKings and FanDuel.

By Samantha Johnson

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