Diana Hortsch, a licensed therapist, attorney, and adjunct fellow at Brooklyn Law School, is set to speak in the upcoming Zoom Lunch and Learn session organized by the Mental Health Task Force. The event will take place on February 14th from noon to 12:50 pm and will focus on “Managing Trauma from World Events”.

Throughout her two-decade career, Hortsch has worked extensively in reproductive and human rights advocacy. In her upcoming webinar, she will delve into the different types of trauma that individuals can experience as a result of global events such as war, climate change, and economic upheaval. She will also discuss effective strategies for managing the effects of this trauma on mental and physical health.

The Mental Health Task Force is part of the Senate Benefits and Welfare Committee and is dedicated to promoting mental well-being and providing valuable resources for individuals to support their mental health. The Zoom Lunch and Learn series offers a unique opportunity for individuals to learn from experts in the field while enjoying a meal at home.

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