Since its inception in 1989, Edinburgh Science has been an educational charity dedicated to inspiring individuals of all ages and backgrounds to explore the world around them. One of its most notable initiatives is the annual Edinburgh Science Festival, which was the world’s first science and technology festival and remains one of the largest European events of its kind.

The two-week festival offers a variety of science-themed experiences for a wide audience, including adults and families. In addition to the festival, Edinburgh Science is also committed to education. They run a touring program called Generation Science, which brings interactive science experiences to primary schools across Scotland. They also host the annual Careers Hive event which promotes careers in STEM fields to young people.

Edinburgh Science has been focusing on climate change and the environment for many years and has awarded the 2019 Edinburgh Medal to Christiana Figueres. Figueres, a Costa Rican diplomat who played a key role in the Paris Climate Agreement, inspired the organization to establish the Climate Co-Lab. This forum brings together individuals from all sectors to generate shared, actionable ideas that accelerate the transition to net zero. One result of this initiative is the NetZeroToolkit, a free online resource for SMEs to develop carbon management strategies.

In addition to its domestic efforts, Edinburgh Science also shares its knowledge and content globally through Edinburgh Science Worldwide. The organization runs an extensive international programme, hosting events abroad and partnering with events such as the annual Abu Dhabi Science Festival. They provide international partners with engaging content, programming advice, business planning support and training for local science communicators.

By Samantha Johnson

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