Agriculture ministers from the European Union met in Brussels to discuss various agricultural issues, including the deforestation regulation. The meeting was held amid widespread protests by farmers who disrupted traffic in the city with a tractor march organized by agricultural producers. Finland’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Sari Essaiah, represented the country at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting.

During the meeting, a preliminary agreement was reached on extending the freedom to import agricultural products from Ukraine for one year, with certain extraordinary measures. The European Parliament and the Council agreed on this extension of freedom of import. Austria has launched a debate on delaying the application of the EU regulation on deforestation and clarifying operational guidelines. The regulation aims to prevent products bought in the EU from contributing to deforestation around the world, covering products such as soy, palm oil, coffee, and livestock.

The lack of clear guidance on interpreting and applying this regulation has led to uncertainty among member states. Finland supported Austria’s initiative to delay implementation of the regulation to allow for more precise guidelines from the EU Commission. The council emphasized that export earnings are essential for Ukraine and discussed finding joint solutions to address challenges faced by livestock producers due to deforestation regulations’ implications.

EU heads of state also discussed agricultural issues, calling for innovative solutions to ease administrative burdens on farmers. They emphasized strengthening farmers’ position in the food chain and ensuring fair distribution of income. The commission has made some regulatory changes but is still pending significant reforms aimed at reducing administrative burdens on farmers while maintaining food safety standards.

In conclusion, there is support for Austria’s proposal regarding deforestation regulations and a call for more significant changes aimed at supporting farmers in the food chain. These talks aim at finding practical solutions that ensure fair treatment of agricultural producers while considering their concerns about administrative burdens.

By Samantha Johnson

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